Raffle Winners

A big thank you to everyone who entered the raffle. we had 155 entries from all across Australia. Every entry was assigned an number and we used a random number generator to pick the winners. 

You can see the winners draw video on our Facebook page

Win a Curve Raffle Drawn: 
5.10 pm Sunday 18th September

Winner - Curve frameset:
Chris Yuen - Preston

First Runner Up - Rapha Small Backpack:
Laith Beveridge - Manly West

Second Runner Up - Astros cleaning package:
Desi sta Cruz - Keilor Downs

We will be in contact prize winners via email in tomorrow.

Thanks Again
Troy and the New Life Cycle team

Treading Water in far North Queensland

The New Life Cycle journey was always going to be a challenge, we are only recently discovering the extent of that challenge to the team, our transportation and to our health.

While we have made great progress so far traveling over 3000kms through three states and climbing over mountains, varied terrain and treacherous conditions. Seventy two hours ago our support vehicle driver was forced to leave suddenly, flying back to Sydney from Mackay in far north Queensland.

This change of plans has exposed the fragility of this journey and the schedule we have been working to, especially with the wet season looming not too far north from here - with 11mm of rain reported in Darwin today alone (very early in the season). Whilst this could be seen as just another hurdle it’s not the first we have faced since leaving Melbourne in late June.

We departed Victoria in the middle of the coldest winter in 80 years, riding through snow down to as low as 500 meters and constant rain testing the safety threshold on more than one occasion, causing many route changes on the fly due to trail closures and flooding, putting undue pressure on the team and caused far more wear and tear on the bike’s and support vehicle at a much quicker rate than we expected or budgeted for.

The next major hurdle was Troy’s hospitalization due to food poisoning and chronic gastro flooring him for four days and leaving him feeling weak for the following week. We have managed to overcome and learnt from everything presented to us thus far.      

However, these hurdles pale into insignificance compared with the challenge we currently face, unfortunately it is one of a financial nature, in this day and age it is the sad reality we can not exist without the legal tender of money. It was always the intention/hope The New Life Cycle team would a have a financial partner much earlier in the project, however in reality this has not yet happened.

The aim was to  have a paid on road/dirt support and documentary team, a four wheel drive support vehicle with all the necessary safety equipment such as UHF two way radios, satellite phones etc for both rider and support team, to enable them to go into remote extreme locations with all the necessary safety precautions covered and professionally document to engage a wider audience, All coming at significant costs.

The team left Melbourne with the bare essentials that were adequate for less remote locations in Victoria and NSW, with the hope of momentum gathered during the journey for a major sponsorship partner to join the team.

The team have done a great job from Melbourne to Mackay with the resources available to them. Whilst having great cycling industry support, curve, rapha, mitas, sram, mtbmelbourne, astroboyracer, the encouragement of refugee organizations, refugee council of Australia, rural australians for refugees, asylum seeker resource center and some fantastically dedicated team members/volunteers, Bec, Russ, Steph, Joel, Rohin, Cyrus, Michael, Ray, Peter,…….. etc of which we are ever so grateful, thank you so much to each and everyone of you!

Looking on the bright side. 

Looking on the bright side. 

To date New Life Cycle has been crowd funded with the founder Troy Bailey covering more than 75% of the costs personally. Without a financial partner coming forward or a  successful crowdfunding campaign, boosting funds significantly within the next two weeks the New Life Cycle journey will be forced to pause indefinitely in Cairns, far north Queensland.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this message, we would be ever so grateful to hear from anyone who may be able to assist in anyway shape or form. To discuss in more detail please get in touch through the online form below.

Best regards,

The New Life Cycle team.  

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